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Anima florens – Prints

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Tulip Susi 2 72


Tulip Abstract Stuwer rere 72


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Anima florens


Anima florense Improvised visuals for experimental Organ

With this improvisation i´ve taken the Anima series on another level. From the arrangements that usually need days to render, i´ve excerped single movements according to prelistening examples from Hampus. I´ve returned that vocabulary. With this preperation we met for a 45 minutes performace. It was an amazing challenge and we where both hyped after this intense happening.


Anima florense Berio & Arvo Pärth



2014 I´m invited to contribute to ” Das Orgelfest” in the church “Am Schüttel”. An anima to Arvo Pärth famous >pari intervallo< and one for Berios well known >Fa Si for organ<, performed by Marco Paolaccio. The music and video created a hypnotic combination. For a short time the altar was controlled by these floral entities.


Anima florense 360° am Karlsplatz 2013


October 2013 i was inivted by contentart and soundframe to create a piece for a spherical projection at Karlsplatz, Vienna. It was an amazing venue with a cross section dimension of 22m.
As i collect my material mainly somewhere in nature and my artist name does give a certain hint i interprete the sphere as a giant flower. At first it seemed a bit banal but the result proofs me right. I love this piece – it will be the first of many creatures.
The wonderful musicians Richard Aigner and Maximilian Walch helped to breath life into this floral entity on the screen.